Staging4Profit will be

at your home, in person or virtually, going from room to room, explaining to you a list of suggestions to maximize your house’s appeal for prospective clients. It includes an electronic report with a list of recommendations and how to carry out the recommendations by you or by us to manage and perform changes.

Staging4Profit manages changes for a house ready for clients with our specialized team in de-cluttering, cleaning, disinfecting carpets, establishing paintings’ locations, reviewing walls and furnitures’ appeal, organizing closets and libraries, re-arrangement of furniture in new positions or moving it into another room, renting furniture and art improving, gardens, purchase of small decorative items such as towels, plants, extra cushions or other items or other decorative changes that modify and accent your house style and personality. We transform your home into an attractive house that will communicate to new clients to feel at home. It’s all about a new “house make-up” for the connection in between buyers and spaces with harmony, colours, lighting, balance and a freshness.

Afterwards, your home will earn you a maximum profit.

Staging4Profit will be in charge of the complete de-staging process as well. Cost will vary depending on the kind of work performed.

Coordinate the showcase house or the important moment for the pictures that will be published about your house on the Internet as your first communication tool for potential buyers.

We are proud of our work because we helps house-owners like you, realtors and buyers by

preparing any sized properties located in Ottawa, Gatineau and Ottawa Valley to sell houses faster and for the best price.

The moment of satisfaction comes to us when we see this pictures of a beautiful and immaculate house on the market

and we know you will soon receive your maximum profit. Our work help owners, realtors and buyers by preparing any size of properties located in Ottawa, Gatineau and the Ottawa Valley.