Before we staged this living-room was displaying in a square arrangement that makes it very heavy.


IMG_0260 - Copy (2)

Notice how we set the sofas on a “V” and created a separate space with the chair and the lamp, to break the monotony of the room. The idea was to complement the amazing view of the windows



Before this sun-room pieces and furniture made it heavy. After we left the essential pieces….


IMG_0257 - Copy (2)

Less is better.

The central table now is reflecting the light. Now we made the space to walk.


This office didn’t show light, space or flow at all.

IMG_0256 - Copy (2)

After moving almost every thing, even the heavy curtains, we discovered a beautiful view.

IMG_0234 - Copy

This walking closet showed stuff instead of space. Notice the rack of shoes as a central point competing with the window.

IMG_0240 - Copy - Copy

Staged, this walking-closet looks enormous and sophistique.



We found the master bed-room very dark and with some pieces that shouldn’t be there.

IMG_0244 - Copy

Staged, this master bedroom became a retreat buyers could imagine when they arrive home.


The bedroom looks with out space and organization.


After some changes we created enough space to appreciate the

beautiful bedroom.