When we came into the house this living and dining room was over decorated, not only because of the furniture but too many china and glasses in the cabinet.


By removing some of the glasses from the dinning

room buffet, and changing

the sofa from a leather sofa, this living-dining room became more appealing and sophisticated.


This T.V room needs to show the fire place as a Focal Point. By removing the lazy chair and the side table we created a more spacious and less busy room.


Notice how clean and spacious this room

looks after the changes. The coffee table and other decorative pieces reflects the sun light. We displayed some nice books on the table on the left to create a ” reader room choice”.


We found this master bedroom with this t.v and the mirror that would show distract points. The bed cover colour didn’t make a contrast as well.


Notice the difference with a more contrast bed cover and a yellow velvet chair display in and angle with a small table to read. The lamps on are very important.


The bedroom looked boring and had no purpose.



Notice how we gave a purpose to this room by placing the sofa bed and the secretary desk.


This furniture was giving a nice touch to this sun room; however, we thought less was better.


Notice the spacious and easy to access with out the coffee table so clients can walk .


This bathroom had lots of creams and personal use devices on top of the counter. It was too full with the furniture at the left side.


Notice what happened when we removed the stuff on the counter and the left side furniture.